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My Scribe Web was first published in 2007 and now in 2014 has served over 200,000 members. In September [2013] we decided to revamp the whole site for the following reasons. 1] We needed to make the entire site fully responsive for mobile users. 2] Due to us adding new material for our members on a monthly basis the site was getting too cluttered with outdated material – especially in the web building sections. 3] The Forum became a nightmare to moderate as we were under continual brute force attack attempts and spam became an horrendous problem – unfortunately for now we have had to close the forum. For the same reasons we have closed the directory where members were able to link back to their sites. Sorry folks but as usual it is the few that cause so much damage online spoiling our efforts to serve the many. We have replaced the directory with the offer to post approved book and website promotions for all members; within the portfolio section of this site, for free. Please make inquiries by submitting a ticket at the support desk. 4] We have closed the affiliate program; due to too many affiliates promoting us via spam emails containing false promises to prospective members. Again the few have spoiled it for the many. 5] We have changed the membership fees. Old members will continue on their original subscription fee of US$100 per year. New members fees are 7 day trial for $1 then automatically billed US$27 per month. Or save $24 with a six monthly subscription $150. Or save $84 with a yearly subscription for $240. View the original REVIEW of My Scribe Web. Contact us, make inquiries or suggestions via the Support Desk. Many thanks to our loyal subscribers over the past seven years. Cheers, Kitty Jellinek. Image Description: In 2008 when My Scribe Web was one year old it was a thrill to receive a signed copy of the newly published hardcover book “Korngold Musik ist Musik” by Guy Wagner – National Literary Prize Winner.

About My Scribe Web