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Idealy you should build a website to promote anything online.
If you can’t build, or can’t afford to get a site built the next steps are the best option.

Join MIKODE.NET [it’s a one time security fee of $2 or $5 per month which includes the rewards program] – create a profile and a public group called “YOUR REAL NAME OR YOUR PRODUCTS NAME”. Publish good informative content about yourself and your product.
Use your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts to send visitors to your group at MIKODE.NET
Make sure to keep your Mikode Group active by responding to new Group Members, interact with them, let them know they can order your product via the private messaging system within Mikode.net.
When people order your product through the private messaging system at Mikode.net you can service them through PayPal. To do this you need to set up a PayPal account [it’s free] and use the email buy button facility.
Note: that the above steps can also be followed to promote an existing site. Having your own group at Mikode.net enables you to send other group members from various locations like facebook etc. to YOUR OWN GROUP IN ONE LOCATION enabling you to serve customers that are already interested in what you have to offer.

Promote Without A Website